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Are you searching for the best therapist billing service that: Gets results fast, makes things easy to understand, and offers transparent and competitive pricing? You’ve come to the right place!

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We'll Match Your Current Billing Rate

Searching for a therapist billing service that better suits your needs and practice? From now until May 21, Therapist Billing Services will match or beat your current rate of billing! As a billing service designed by therapists, we strive to help you focus on what matters most – therapy.

About us:

Why We Started Therapist Billing Services:

Insurance billing can be a nightmare – we’ve been there and we understand. Here’s the thing – we are much more than insurance billers. We’re passionate about assisting you to build a high quality therapy practice and helping therapists focus on what they do best – providing excellent psychotherapy to their clients. There are plenty of billing companies out there, but as you will find, most of them are just that: Billing Companies. We are a comprehensive service that was built by therapists for therapists with ethics and equity in mind. Our team has the experience and knowledge to assist you in building a top tier therapy practice that is ethical, profitable, and sustainable.

We are driven by the mission to make insurance billing affordable and transparent. Therapist Billing Services is here for you. We’re so glad you found us and we can’t wait to get you started today!


Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our customers have to say!

“You make my life so easy! I love showing up, doing my job, and having a competent team make my life so easy.”

“It’s very apparent to me how much effort ya’ll put in and I regularly benefit from it!!”

“Hi! I just wanted to say that I appreciated how positive you were in the training and it was helpful for me to separate documentation vs. practice.”

“I love the database of Simple Practice Note templates! Thank you!”

“I wanted to tell you that after seeing your AUDIT and training emails, I was like ‘THIS IS THE MOMENT I’VE BEEN PREPARING FOR MY WHOLE LIFE.’ and actually got excited about checking all these things off and sending you my logs LOL”

“Thank you brilliant billing badass!”

Our Services Include:

Meet Our Founders:

therapist billing services Paul

Paul Krauss, MA, LPC

With over 16 years of experience as a therapist, clinical supervisor, and owner of multiple therapy practices in both Michigan and Arizona, Paul understands the nuances of insurance billing in both solo and group therapy practices.

therapist billing services Ashley

Ashley Huber

As a seasoned billing manager and business owner whose expertise is optimizing group therapy practices, Ashley and her specially curated team have saved therapists like you thousands of dollars with smart and effective therapist insurance billing.

therapist billing services Nicole

Dr. Nicole Cain, ND, MA

Being a mental health provider and owner of several businesses, Dr. Nicole knows what it takes to run a successful practice with integrity.

Meet Our Founders:

No, there are no hidden costs and fees. We value transparency and honesty and that is why we include biling rates right on our webpage.

With one foot in the therapy world and the other in the billing world, we know how important it is for your therapy billing practice managers to be responsive, accessible, personable and versed in trauma-informed communication. We aspire to exemplary customer service, and make ourselves easily accessible to our clients via email and phone.

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Leave the billing to us so you can get back to doing what you do best – running the best therapy practice possible!

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Read the latest updates about our organization and the therapist billing industry.

Get The Latest Updates:

Read the latest updates about our organization and the industry: