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Insurance Billing:

Our medical billers are expert-trained to optimize revenue for therapists. It’s time to really practice what you preach, and instead of of spending your precious time memorizing all the different insurance companies and their requirements, do the self-care of delegating insurance billing to Therapist Billing Services. (It’s our passion!)

What makes us the best therapy insurance billing service for therapists:


Taking insurance is a great way to build your caseload, support more patients, and generate income. You need to jump through some hoops to be considered in network. Let us do that part for you! Oh, and here’s another way we put our clients first: While other companies will charge you up front, we only charge when the job is done.

What makes us the best credentialing service for therapists

Payment Tracking

Keeping on top of insurance billing can be tedious and time consuming– especially when it involves changes to your patient’s insurance plans, delayed payments, or any other snafus that may arise. But don’t worry – we’re as committed to you getting paid as you are (we don’t get paid unless you do, and our staff really like getting paid).

What makes us the best insurance payment tracking service for therapists

Follow Up & Appeals

Insurance denials and rejections are inevitable, but the good news is that there are almost always solutions. Our billing experts are trained in the ins-and outs of all things claim related, and can find the reason behind any problem! Having someone keeping on top of insurance denials means you don’t have to stress about it.

What makes us the best insurance billing follow up and appeals service for therapists

Verification of Benefits

In order to avoid expensive mistakes, you’re going to need a verification of every new clients insurance benefits before their first visit. We’ll make the process easy: identifying your patient’s insurance eligibility, and confirming information such as copayments and deductibles.

What makes us the best service for verification of benefits for therapists

CAQH Management

the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare® (CAQH) is a database used by insurance companies in order to gather enrollment and credentialing data from practitioners. If you want to take insurance, you need a CAQH and we’re here to help. We will enroll your CAQH and keep it up to date so you don’t have to!

What makes us the best CAQH service for therapists

Chart Clean Up

Insurance changes – a lot. We’re committed to keeping each chart clean and easy to read so that you know how much to collect, when to collect, how much you’re being paid, and what you’re still owed. We’ll even help clean up your past accounts so that you’re not bogged down by large inaccurate balances.

What makes us the best insurance saavy chart clean-up service for therapists

Other Important Details

Don’t be afraid of insurance – we’re here to ensure your practice is top notch, ethical, of high integrity, and as audit-proof as possible. We’re here to provide you with the WOW FACTOR. And part of that is thinking ten steps ahead about how to help you to run a successful pratcide that you are proud of.

What makes us the best billing service for therapists